My Story

I would need to write a book if you wanted to know the whole story but Pertaining to cancer it started in 2008. I was only 24 years old and was already  ignoring my own concerns about my body for a few years. it Wasn’t until a look from my 6 month old Baby girl one day That i knew I had to do something. I Began by consulting a general doctor who then referred me to A Colon Specialist. After some testing and exams It receive evident I had Cancer; Stage 4 Colon/Rectal Cancer, I was dying. I remember going home to my family that day and feeling distant, feeling like i would be gone soon. The Depression began to set in immediately and fear was overbearing, the only thing motivating me was my Family, my Girlfriend Amanda and My daughter Baylee.They inspired something in me to continue , to care. I now know and feel full heartedly they saved my life.I started Radiation and Chemo therapy January of 2008 and it continued for a year and a half with out much success. I was drained , malnourished and content for the first time in my life with death, It didn’t scare me. Leaving my family terrified me though. So the battle continued and I vowed in my daughters name I would not give up and do whatever it would take to survive. About 2 years into my battle with colon cancer I got the first good news , The tumor and spots in my Liver/Arm/Leg and chest were beginning to shrink. I didn’t have much faith at this point in life and was more robotic then human but i entertained the idea that maybe , just maybe, I would win.  I would live to see my family. when the doctor Came in one day, me and amanda were sitting in our normal spots waiting for the normal news but this day was far from normal. The doctor began with his routine physical and then sat us down and broke the news. “We have determined your tumor may be operable” he said, “The spots in all of your organs and lymph-nodes are gone”.  Amanda Broke down crying , sobbing and i just sat there still numb, trying to absorb what i was told.To add to Amanda’s Character, she never was negative during my battle , she would always tell me this day would come and was the most supportive person during it. She was so scared inside but would not let me see it, I hope to be like the person she was. Strength,Support, determination they were all the things i lost and she held onto. So now our decision lied on surgery.The surgeon gave me three options 1. Do nothing, find god and make peace with death 2. Remove the tumor but re-attach my colon and risk not getting all of the cancer in the hope to save my bodily function.3. remove the tumor and surrounding cancer which would result in a Colostomy. I didn’t give much thought , my immediate question was ,”which one allows me to live with my daughter the longest?”.  Option 3. I chose to proceed and surgery was set. I didn’t even know what a colostomy was and i agreed to it but the other options were not even considered. After another few months and a successful surgery I was off of Chemo and at home like a normal person. I won!! i lived!! i then devoted my time to my Family and OUR Business. its been a few years now and business is better then ever , my health is better then ever and my family is happy again. If i had one thing i could tell anyone without hope, As fast as Bad news came to your life , Good news can come just as fast. Hold onto hope if not for you, for the ones that love you. You can win.